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The decoration of luxury boats is based on three basic axes: luxury, comfort and functionality. On this basis and as a yacht designer, we carry out all the yacht interiors that are requested. 

Today in particular we will focus on interior luxury yachts with this exclusive luxury yacht that was designed by Marc Pinaut and built by Witsen & Vis in Holland and delivered to its owner in 1971. In 2018 she underwent a complete restoration, which was carried out by the architecture and interior design firm Ojínaga Barcelona. 

This 33m luxury yacht can accommodate up to 8 guests in its 4 double suite cabins: one master cabin, 1 VIP cabin and two guest cabins. Being able to take on board up to 5 crew members to ensure a luxury experience.

If you are looking for a luxury yacht do not miss the steps we do for one of the best known luxury yachts in Barcelona and make a trip on the high seas to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

luxury yacht

Luxury yachts inside

Interior luxury yachts must be designed and built with care and attention to detail. This luxury yacht features a steel hull and aluminum superstructure with teak decks. 

The exterior of the yacht, with an elegant design, blurs the passage through the waves achieving the transition between the sea and the 33 meters of the imposing yacht.

Inside, each space and cabin is studied in detail. Salon with wood finishes, Fendi furniture and elegant fabrics that cover the range from white to beige, ending in dark brown. 

The dining room is cozy with a round wooden table embraced by comfortable chairs and a bench that brings familiarity and seclusion. If you wanted to see the interior of luxury yachts to get ideas, this is the perfect occasion.

And we continue with the master cabin, with beautiful views to the exterior yacht, providing a simple but luxuriously studied design. As well as the VIP cabin, with a majestic bed head, direct and indirect lighting and colors, make it a clear qualifier. This is an example of one of the best design boats we have made so far.

If you were looking forpictures of luxury yachts inside, we present you the one we have made in Ojínaga Barcelona .

Inland yacht

What do you think? We continue with theinterior luxury yachtsand we are going to give way to the rooms.

Yachts on the inside are almost more important than on the outside because what we are interested in is to feel at home, even if our floor is different, but we don't want it to be obvious that we are going by sea!

Hence, the two guest cabins are not excluded from the detailed interior design of the luxury yachts. Impeccable and elegant colors define these spaces.

As always in the philosophy of Ojínaga Barcelona, every detail matters. Shown in the beautiful staircase, the luxurious bathrooms, the helm room, the crew cabins, and other rooms of this luxury yacht, which despite being considered secondary are always important.

Photos of luxury yachts

If you liked our project and you are thinking of refurbishing your yacht, we invite you to see all our interior luxury yacht works that we have done so you can choose the style that is closest to yours.

If you want a tailor-made project, we can help you to go out to sea with great detail. 

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