Residential design

In Ojínaga we carry out integral projects, especially projects for residential purposes. residential of any style and design you dream of.


Our main characteristic is the great team that forms Ojínaga Barcelona in which we are able to work on the following areas Architecture, Decoration and Design totally unified unified in which there are no challenges that resist us.


From our studio are born the ideas that will then take shape to give real form to the desires of each of the customers who seek luxury and exclusivity in their homes. 


The creation of residential housing is one of the pillars of Ojínaga Barcelona's work. In it, both architecture and interior design go hand in hand to achieve unique and exclusive projects, where the environment reflects the personality of our clients.


We make integral designs where we combine luxury and exclusivity. Residential projects of great reform with total customization to create environments in which a pleasant, harmonic life is developed and in complete consonance with what is desired for a residential house. residential housing of design.


We are Architecture and Interior Design at the service of those who yearn for an exclusive, personalized and unique place.


Find a residential house with a unique, personalized, secure and very exclusive architecture is possible in Ojínaga, and although our studio is located in Barcelona, we can also make the reform of a residential wherever you are with our service of online projects.


Our way of working is mainly focused on the client, on what he needs for his homeon what they need for their home, on what the basic needs are and then, on how to make them possible. A residential project is more complex than it may seem, since we have basic rooms common to all homes, but it is a challenge to adapt them to the environment, to the tastes and that the design achieves that sophisticated finish that we are so passionate about. Because if with our work in residencialwe are looking for something, it is the comfort and warmth that a home should provide and achieving it is not always easy. Thanks to our extensive experience, training and professionalism there is no design that resists us and as proof of this we have a large number of completed works that we show on our website and in our social networks.


Although we mainly focus on residential housing projects, the truth is that this type of project covers a lot of details that would not be possible to perform them in the same way if we did not have among our team several professionals focused on each of the pillars that make up the architecture, such as interior and exterior design, architecture, decoration. Everything encompasses the unique result that we always want to achieve and when an integral residential projectl comes out of the same office, we get a unification and a totally global result that is noticeable in each of the spaces of a home.


Whatever the type of residential residential reform you are looking for, in Ojínaga Barcelona we make it possible, minimalist homes, luxury homes, apartments, Victorian-inspired homes, mansions, villas, duplexes, with rustic touches, with endless stairs, interiors, exteriors with landscaping, whatever your style, we make it.


Ojínaga Barcelona is a studio specialized in residential projects.