Ojínaga brings together a wide range of work in the development of kitchens. Together with you we design your kitchen, the distribution that best suits your daily needs, we design every piece of furniture, every drawer, every detail. Great brands of kitchen furniture and appliances will make your kitchen comfortable and with your seal.


If we ask you about one of the areas with the most personality in the whole house, surely the kitchen comes to mind. The kitchen is the place where we spend so many hours, cooking, organizing, eating, etc. and of course, it is the place that takes more investment of the whole house. 

In Ojínaga we specialize in all types of reforms, whether comprehensive as well as areas at specific times. We look for the integration of each room with the house always using the best materials and we finish so that the design is perfect. 

We know no limits in terms of design and customization, especially to highlight the kitchen from the rest of the house, but always with continuity in colors, designs, details, etc. 


If you are looking for a kitchen renovation in Ojínaga we can help you.

We know all the market trends, although we always, always, always listen to the needs, requirements and tastes of the client so that once the reform is completed, you feel completely satisfied with our work. 


We bet on kitchens open to the dining room, with large, integrated and coordinated spaces to enjoy the amplitude it offers. One of the most prominent elements in modern kitchens, are the kitchens with island, a trend that besides being a very modern touch, is very practical, as it can be used in smaller kitchens to avoid having to put a large dining table or a typical round table for breakfast or for preparation.

What elements can we introduce in a kitchen island? 

Kitchen islands can be used as preparation tables, breakfast tables or even as a piece of furniture that can be used for storage. 

If we have the option, we can introduce elements of the kitchen such as the ceramic hob or the sink to facilitate the preparation of the food. 


In our photo gallery, you can see the variety of kitchen designs that we make for our customers and the great customization that we use in each of them. 

Depending on the tastes of the clients we work with more modern kitchens, more classic, in more vivid colors, more neutral colors, more muted colors, open kitchens, separate kitchens, but we always work with Ojínaga design kitchens from start to finish. With our own plans made by our team of professionals to carry out all the needs of our customers.