We are pleased to present the exclusive collaboration with the luxury furniture brand Gianfranco Ferré Home, which arrives in Barcelona for the first time by the hand of Ojínaga Barcelona.

ojinaga barcelona

The Gianfranco Ferré Home line

Born in 2014, is characterized by elegant and exclusive furniture. An expression of an eclectic and unmistakable style with a timeless charm where elegance is always the protagonist, in a perfect combination of classic taste and contemporary appeal. Sophisticated creations with an unmistakable British charm, featuring the use of masculine fabrics, make the Gianfranco Ferré Home collection totally unique.

The deepest essence of the brand is found in some key factors such as attention to detail, refinement of materials and fabrics, the prestige of craftsmanship, combined with experimentation in the use of the most innovative techniques.

Gianfranco Ferré Home Collection

The Gianfranco Ferré Home collection inherits the creativity of the well-known stylist Gianfranco Ferré, also called "the architect of fashion", in a perfect combination of contemporary charm and classic quality. An unmistakable style made from endless suggestions, where elegance is the protagonist. Gianfranco Ferré Home follows an original path where the atmosphere that characterizes the brand is reinterpreted in a new mix, blurring the lines between classic and contemporary. Refined furniture that explores new applications for masculine fabrics: houndstooth, striped fabrics, twill fabrics and Prince of Wales, meets the exotic charm of pieces infused with romanticized suggestions and the understated appeal of more contemporary elements, influenced by the Iconic design from the first half of the 20th century, to create unique settings with a rarefied, delicate and sophisticated atmosphere.

The brand's latest proposals are an expression of an international taste, ambitious and with a metropolitan charm, characterized by a continuous dialogue between modern minimalism and characteristic elements of Gianfranco Ferré's creative heritage.

That's Gianfranco Ferré Home: a brand with a constantly evolving character, capable of satisfying that need for comfort, beauty and a sense of freedom that enriches life.

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