Luxury home interiorsThere are many styles and exclusive articles but if you want to get the most appropriate to give your home, second home or office a spectacular design and magazine stay to read this article we have prepared for you.

If you know us a little bit, you will know that architecture and luxury design are our forte and it is not us who say so, but almost 80 years of experience in the world of architecture. That's why today we want to help you and inspire you to make your home a luxury home. 

luxury home interiors


Whether you have just bought a house or you are tired of the style that has accompanied you all this time, you will know that it is an investment and that it is time to sit down, think, and be advised by professionals in home decoration so that the result is what you expect without overspending. 

If you have a budget allocated to decorate and furnish your home, we always recommend to take advantage of every last euro and add a luxurious interior decoration to make it more special, elegant and exclusive. To achieve this touch of identity, luxury furniture will play a super important role and will determine the final style. 

The secret is to experiment with different designs, styles and custom furniture resulting in the examples of luxury home interiors that we will show you in this article so you can feel that unique look that makes them so special and find the most suitable for you. 


If you like to browse decorating magazines you will not stop seeing a lot of interiors of modern luxury homes, brands and high prices, but from experience we know that not the fact of using luxury items and furniture will be as we want but the key is the way we use them.

We never recommend buying a lot of luxury furniture simply because you think it will add value to your home, as we must first study if it matches the style of home you are looking for and your tastes so that the greatest value is authenticity. 

Today we'll give you some tips on how to get that luxurious interior design you see in magazines. 

Custom furniture and colors

Choosing the type of luxury furniture you really need may not always be the one you want but in order to be happy with the purchase it is very important to first check that the overall appearance fits you and above all that it is custom-made. Look closely at everything, i.e. the type of material, the stain used, the finish and its functionality. 

You will see that there is a lot of variety of styles and brands but avoid buying online, call or visit exclusive furniture stores like our atelier of interior design and decoration where you can feel and know what you are going to buy. This point is very important because it is essential to make sure that the furniture you are going to choose is well made, do not scratch, are resistant and are equipped with the best quality to look great and accompany you for many years.

* Tip: The wood furniture that goes with the best luxury home decor is usually made with screws, plugs or dowels, not staples or nails. 

On the other hand, for harmony to exist, colors should be chosen well and normally light colors are used for more formal rooms and styles and dark colors for a more common use. 

The budget

Let's be honest, luxury home interiors are not particularly cheap but basically because quality comes first and people looking for exclusivity, authenticity and quality do not want to skimp. However, choosing luxury as your identity doesn't mean that you have to go out of your budget and that's when you know if an interior and exterior designer is good or not.

So how do you choose a piece to match your luxury interior design? In general, luxury furniture is durable and you can buy it second hand or opt for a custom-made one to make your interior decoration look ideal. You can always sell it once you want to renovate it again.

*Tip: Gold furniture or furniture with gold accents generally works well with any piece and adds sophistication to any space.

Your essence is the common thread

To continue with our luxury decoration, we want to remind you that regardless of the furniture you choose, the most important thing will be the original essence of the whole set, of your whole house, exterior and interior. 


All this will convey the delicate and elegant feeling we expect from the interiors of luxury homes. To do this, first find the essence of your home or find professionals to define it, because beyond 4 walls that take shape when you fill them, the house is you and will project the way you understand life. How do you do it? Focus on what makes you happy and make it reflected in the design and decoration. 

You will create a unique, authentic space full of personality.

*Tip: Above all avoid forced decorations because in the end the only thing it does is to confuse. If for example your house is decorated in a classic style, do not combine it with modern luxury furniture. If you want to get inspired, we leave you an article on "the best interior decoration styles for this 2022". 


Although we would spend pages and pages giving you tips on how to achieve luxury home interiors, we know that for now what you need is the essentials and that it will look great. So that you can continue to be inspired, you can take a look at all these luxury homes in Barcelona that we have designed and decorated, most of them were just a barren floor... What do you think of the result? We are architects in Barcelona dedicated to luxury and sophistication and if you have any questions, we are here to advise you, see you next time!