If you have come this far, it means that you are thinking of giving a new look to your house, that you are tired of the current one and need to change it. Since there are so many styles of interior decorating it seems overwhelming but in today's article we are sure you will find your favorite and you will see yourself living in it.

There are several ways to decorate every space in your home or business premises, so many that it is logical and normal that you feel overwhelmed or saturated with information. That's why in Ojínaga Barcelona, specialists in luxury interior decoration we want to make it easier and turn a stressful moment into a beautiful and peaceful experience, presenting you the 10 types of interior decoration in trend for you to get inspired and choose one that can accompany you for many years. Let's go there!


First of all and being a year in which we have only a few months to go, it is important to say that the decoration styles that were in trend in 2021 will also be in trend in 2022 and you will understand me when you see the list we have prepared for you... It is impossible for them to go out of fashion and it is expected that they will remain in trend for several more years. 

In the following interior decoration styles you will see that each one prefers certain that each one prefers certain materials that sometimes may seem complicated to replicate, but don't worry, because it is not so important to focus on those materials but on the colors, contrasts and the atmosphere that each style tries to transmit.


We define interior design as the art and science of improving the interior of a space in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who live in it. Which one do you choose?

Wabi Sabi style and Nordic style

It looks like a salsa or a dance, doesn't it? Well, the Wabi Sabi style is one of the most used Japanese Japanese decoration types most used by lovers of the beauty of imperfection and even define it more as a philosophy in which nature is the center and follows 3 ideas:

  • Nothing is perfect
  • Nothing is permanent
  • Nothing is complete

It is clear that it is one of the
interior decoration styles that most transmits the values of freedom, naturalness and beauty. If you follow a lifestyle like this and you see yourself living with this type of design, we recommend you to choose the best materials since wood will be the main component and we want it to last a long time and always look natural. Carpets, doors, large vases and ceramics, and furniture in general should be of high quality to provide the purest of beauties.

It is very similar to the Nordic style so fashionable in recent years as it pays tribute to the simplicity of life in the Nordic countries. It transmits love and comfort and is achieved mostly with white walls, wooden floors, neutral colors, modern and rustic furniture to bring a lot of light and harmony. You will get elegant and spacious interiors. 

Industrial Style

Well, well, this style is something else if we compare it with the previous one, almost the opposite. It is the industrial style that is inspired by a warehouse or urban loft that through a mixture of wrought iron, concrete and rustic wood achieves an aesthetic balance between warmth, beauty, harmony and functionality. This style brings to your home a bold, rebellious and refined air at the same time. 

The key is not to hide the construction materials and show them proudly to get that touch that characterizes it. High ceilings, old wood and hanging metal lamps for example with little furniture and some abstract piece or painting to give a touch of color to so much brown and black. 

If you like Don't skimp on the materials and let us advise you to convey what you are looking for because perhaps the industrial style, being in fashion, seems easy to achieve but believe us that when it comes to capture it in every space of a house, things can become too monotonous and end up looking the same in every corner.

However, you will see that we like to give everything a luxurious and sophisticated touch, as you will see in the following work where our client was looking for an industrial style but at the same time elegant and cosmopolitan.

Contemporary Style

In interior design, if you can't resist keeping up with the styles of the moment, contemporary style is yours. This is one of the interior decorating styles that bring a lot of comfortable and cozy that bring a lot of light into our homes.

How do we achieve it? First we must define this style of interiors as "simple, sophisticated, subtle and clean textures and lines". From here we must be clear that our goal will be to show space not things and for them we focus on color, the space we have and its shape to give it that fresh and elegant touch we are looking for. 

To achieve all this we use architectural elements, attention-grabbing color blocks, high ceilings, geometric shapes and furniture distributed in an orderly fashion without much curve. You will see it easier in the following work we did for clients who were looking for a contemporary style of decoration for their entire house with smooth, clean and geometric shapes. 

Art Deco style

This is one of the types of interior decoration that we are most requested in the upper areas of the most popular cities in the world and it is one of the most iconic of the twentieth century, representing glamor and success.

This style of decoration is characterized by geometric lines, monochromatic palettes and the addition of elements influenced by the Industrial Revolution to make it modern.


What styles of interior decoration have you liked the most? As they are so different from each other, they make it easier to see which one represents us the most and shape each space with its own personality.

Our team of architectsOur team of architects, interior designers and decorators aim to create spaces that are welcoming, functional and unique. To do so, we work side by side with our clients to achieve a project that adapts to their particular needs and tastes.

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