In our Architecture and Interior Design Studio in Barcelona located in Via Augusta 251, we do large scale architecture. 

Carlos Ojínaga leads a team in constant development, always with the ambition to learn and to be able to apply the newest technologies and materials to the projects. We work conscientiously with the environment and therefore our projects comply with current environmental regulations.

There is no better way to show our work than sharing our completed projects. Below we show a series of images that reflect some of our work carried out entirely in our architecture studio. 


There is no project that resists us, as you can see with our Finestrelles Tower, a creation from scratch, which like many others, was also born in our architecture and design studio in Barcelona. A project in which heights have not been an impediment. 

A building that we describe as spectacular, both for its physical design and its finishes, totally innovative and personalized. Not to mention the luxurious space that surrounds it with the communal pool and a garden decorated according to the area and the style of the building. 

Relying on a great architectural firm such as Ojínaga Barcelona always guarantees design and luxury finishes and of course, always meeting the needs of the client. Our hallmark is the customization of finishes and the great full service we offer turnkey, you can enjoy the project of your dreams without worrying about anything, leave it in our hands, we deliver it to you already completed. 


Another of our most relevant projects was this spectacular building of six floors and penthouses perfectly integrated with the surroundings and with the rest of the buildings. A building with high quality finishes and the latest trends in the market in terms of architecture. 

Ojínaga Barcelona is not only an architecture studio, but also an architecture and design firm with a great team of professionals who carry out projects as amazing as the ones we show you, all of them coming out of our architecture studio. 

We offer all the services of architecture and design, whether they are integral projects, localized reforms, reforms of complete buildings, interior reforms of houses, kitchen reforms or also any work of decoration and design of interiors and exteriors, such as landscaping projects. 


The color of elegance, simplicity and neatness is white par excellence, can you imagine a white building? Well, we also have a project with this objective, to highlight the exterior. 

Without losing sight of the details, which is always our hallmark, we must look at the highest part of the building, the roof. A luxurious common area with swimming pools in which to take refuge in the hottest months of the year without leaving the house, a real luxury!

The stability that must offer the creation of a swimming pool in the highest area of the building is a challenge for architects, but in Ojínaga Barcelona we have a track record as an architectural firm that allows the development of such projects. 

If we look at the building, we can see that all homes have long and wide balconies that have many meters to decorate this area of the home so seasonal and so much appreciated for gatherings with friends and family in summer.


Sharing name with another project, we show you another of the most emblematic buildings made in our architecture studio, the Sant Joan Despí building. 

At first glance we can already observe its distinctive feature, the balconies with cube effect that gain territory with respect to the facade to take advantage even more, every corner of the homes. 

The balconies also have a distinctive effect between alternating plants and orientations to further highlight one side with a border on one side and a transparent railing with an infinity effect so that from the outside it goes completely unnoticed. 

To finish with this building, we must highlight the upper garden that occupies a large space in the highest area of the building and helps to integrate the project into the environment. 


And the last project that we highlight in this post is this small building without being exempt of details and care. 

Unlike the previous ones, this building has only 3 floors for housing, but with a garage in the basement that takes full advantage of the unevenness of the street. 

In this project we also applied our experience as an interior design studio to project the design of the exterior to the interior so that the tenant never loses the feeling of spaciousness and purity that is transmitted on the facade of the houses. 

Ojínaga Barcelona is one of the Barcelona architecture studios and interior design studio, with more trajectory and journey that is reflected in all the projects carried out and in each architectural and design work done, such as this last one presented in which we can see how, thanks to the experience, we try to take advantage of the unevenness of the street and make the most of the building without being noticed at all from the outside, we try to take advantage of the unevenness of the street and get the most out of the building without being noticed at all from the outside and this requires a great experience and of course, a great professionalism, qualities and requirements that we all seek to carry out our home and that in Ojínaga Barcelona you will find in each and every one of our projects and member of our team. Check it out!

If you have seen some of our projects and you also dream of carrying out yours, do not hesitate and contact us, we will advise you at all times and help you to realize your desired project. Ojínaga Barcelona is also one of the most prominent international architectural firms based in Barcelona.