The origins of Ojínaga, architects barcelona date back more than 70 years. At the end of 1949, OJÍNAGA began its collaboration with the macro company PHILIPS. Company dedicated, as we all know, to lighting, household appliances, radio, television, sound with its magnificent record players and baffles of the time, the practical shaver, among others.

For about 40 years, Ojínaga designed many Philips establishments with a common brand image; as well as large surface exhibitions; being for Ojínaga a very important and prestigious work since it was about fulfilling the wishes of one of the largest and most important companies in Spain and the world.

This is how we came to perform numerous works throughout Spain and Portugal.


From this point on, the need to reach small or less accessible towns in Spain and Portugal led to the question of whether or not to open stores in those areas, since expansion was necessary after such an important growth. And that's when we came up with the idea of creating a van that would take the store to your home. Do you know anyone who would see it?

These vans had their own electricity generator. They could project movies and through their large sound system create a festive atmosphere and encourage dancing and fun, while exposing to the public all the Philips manufactured products of the time, including the novelty of television at that time.

Between the years 60 to 67 approximately 105 vans were manufactured in Spain. The design was being studied to be extrapolated to other countries in the world.


We worked on all the details required: murals, paintings, advertising posters, furniture, colors, finishes, fabrics, decorative elements, printed advertising, in short, everything.

We provide ideas to grow by using large volume trucks, or even creating platforms to carry display modules by waterways.

The 1960s were years of great brilliance and development of creativity and design.