BD Bacatá, the tallest building in the country, is still under construction in downtown Bogotá. It took almost three years to erect 66 floors and 114,384 square meters of total construction, but there are still details to be adjusted.

This skyscraper will have 405 apartments, 117 offices, 72 luxury apartments, more than 700 parking spaces, a shopping center and two hotels (Eurostars and Hotusa) with more than 350 rooms.

But what else is there to enjoy inside the landmark building?

For example, you can shop, work, live, stay, enjoy the food of a chef who has two Michelin stars (recognition of the best restaurants in the world), 14 gastronomic spaces, enjoy the highest viewpoint in the city and have a few good cocktails in a cocktail bar.

Architect Carlos Ojínaga and his team are in charge of bringing the interior of BD Bacatá to life, designing the interiors for the five uses of the complex: housing, offices, hotel operated by the prestigious Eurostars chain, hotel operated by Hotusa and shopping center.

In addition, the two-tower architectural complex will include a shopping center with a food court and different entertainment and leisure options.

In this image Carlos Ojínaga being interviewed along with Adriana Tarud, in charge of the gastronomic projects inside the building, and Daniel Meroño, Executive Chef of the gastronomic plaza (the BD Bacatá building can be seen in the background).

The partners in the project are Architect Juan Abadías, president of the Preyco Group, and Francisco Martín Villanueva, owner of MRW, a mail company in Spain.

The investment exceeds 280,000 million pesos, leaving taxes to the city and the nation. The work also involved the Spanish architectural firm Alonso & Balaguer, the Colombian construction company Prabyc, Acción Fiduciaria, which implemented a democratic model of fiduciary rights, and the trust of thousands of private investors who were able to see the historic leap forward of this mega-project.

It is estimated that the entire BD Bacatá building will serve some 7,000 people daily, who will enjoy the five uses of the complex.