Bert Frank was born in 2013 when Adam Yeats and Robbie Llewellyn started their company with a clear goal, to merge creativity and engineering

The unique result is due to the passion for design and the respect for British ingestion that they try to reflect in each of their designs. In addition to producing high-end products, they wanted them to be timeless and resistant to the currents of fashion. 

The synergy of the two designers is that they work side by side throughout the creative process, from concept to the final step of manufacturing. Robbie's imagination, creativity and fantasy are balanced by Adam's understanding, engineering principles and manufacturing techniques. Each and every product manufactured is meticulously crafted and treated with great care and dedication. 

All of its products are created entirely in the United Kingdom. 



Bert Frank's designs are inspired by a desire for beautiful objects and a passion for design that enhances lifestyle.
"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know useful or think beautiful."

-William Morris
William Morris understood design but he also understood human beings. He knew that things, possessions, only make us happy when they combine beauty with utility and vice versa. To have one without the other is unthinkable. At Bert Frank they adopt this philosophy. A table or pendant lamp is much more than a means of illumination; it is a thing of beauty to admire and touch. Likewise, a lamp made of the most precious materials is worthless unless it produces the lighting effects you desire.
"Art meets engineering. Design meets craftsmanship."


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